How to / Configurations tips & tricks

Reset your citrix password ?

Reset Password 


- Already be subscribed to the new portal, if not, contact your reseller. 

Go to https://portal.cloudbizz.com/signin/forgot-password

Fill in your email address or your Username_Code 

Change your citrix password ?

Step 1 : Open https://connect.cloudbizz.com

Insert your username and actual password

Step 2 : click on your session name display in the top right of the screen

And click change password

Take care , don't forget to update the password in your mobile device and tablet also

If you account is lock , use https://password.cloudbizz.com to unlock your account

Change your password form our Webmail

Step 1 : go to https://webmail.cloudbizz.net

Logon with your email adress and your actual password

Step 2 : click on the settings icon

From the top menu , at the right , choose the settings icon

Step 4 : go to Options


Step 5 : go to Général / Change your password


Install Citrix on Android

1) On your Android device, search the “Play Store” for “Citrix Workspace” 

2) Install Citrix Workspace


3) Launch Citrix Workspace on your Android device and click “Allow the functions you would

like to work with adapt”, the suggestion is to allow all. Denying permission may result in

reduced functionality eg: “Allow Workspace to record audio?” allows voice dictation into

word via adapt. Denying access would result in dictation being unavailable in an adapt


4) Click “Got it”

5) Click “Get Started”

6) Enter “portal.cloudbizz.com” and switch on "Add account type as Web interface" and click “Continue”

6) When you are finished, your citrix profile will be created and you will have the possibility to log in with your login and your password

Configure your mailbox on iOS

      Go to your iPhone or iPad's Settings > scroll down and tap Accounts & Passwords > Add Account.

Note: If you're on iOS 10, go to Mail > Accounts >Add Account.

Odoo • Image et Texte

 Select Exchange 

   Enter your email address and a description of your account. Tap Next.

  Tap Sign In.

Note: Tap Configure manually if you need to enter the server settings.

 Choose the services you want to sync with your iOS device and tap 

Save. You're done!.

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Configure your mailbox on Android

1-      Allez sur l’écran d’accueil de votre appareil android

2-      Cliquez sur l’application Email ( voir capture d’écran )